Pizza and Coffee

We make a very simple Pizza, using some fantastic ingredients. We start with a sourdough base, add organic tomato paste, organic basil olive oil and top with Mozzarella cheese. This Mozzerella  is the real thing from the Campania region of Italy. Naturally made from Buffalo Milk.

The Pizza is baked in our Brick oven fired by a gas burner imported from Italy

We use two brands of coffee, both are from Italy. Bezzera from Milan and Cafe Gioia from the south of Italy. Both are 80% arabica and 20% robusta blends. A mixture composed mainly of the best quality Arabica coffee beans with 20% Robusta coffee beans.
Aromatic, smooth and strong, enjoyed in the Italian way.

Try them both on Sundays from 3 PM till 6 PM along with scones, teacakes and other treats. (Treats depend on the time available to me on that day).

If you want to pick up Bread please remember to order at least 2 days ahead. Our Bread is a slow food produced over two days.

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I am getting ready to retire in about a year. Therefore I shall be ramping down and doing less.  Bread can be purchased from our re-sellers Jasons, justlife and MacroB. They are supplied Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

We shall concentrate on our Sunday Tea, Scones and Pizza. I will bake some Plain Sourdough bread and some other sweet items for sale on Sundays but it will depend on the time available to me after completing the re-seller orders. I cannot accept orders for Sunday pick-up. If you want to be  sure of getting a loaf please order from one of the suppliers listed above.

We hope you will understand, but these old bones are getting tired and I would like to rest more. 3 AM starts and 13 hour days are for the young.


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Gluten Free

I get many requests for gluten Free Bread. I do not normally make it. Why? Because every time I buy all the ingredients to make it, they get thrown away. Most people do not like Gluten Free Bread because it does not taste like bread, particularly Malaysian Bread. It is possible to make it soft by using various gums and eggs. However many consumers of gluten Free are also allergic to these things or just do not want to include them in their diet.

The gluten Free I make is hard like Pumpernickel but is free of anything except the grains, water and a special gluten free levain that uses honey (so Vegans do not like it).  Do not ask for any other type I will not make it. Even this one the minimum order is 5 loaves.

One other thing, my bakery has gluten floating around so I cannot guarantee there will be no gluten.

I suggest you read this item about Gluten Intolerance. Most people are not. It is partly a fad.  Try our Sourdough Breads which are tolerated well my most people. Read the article and save yourself grief and money.

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Swiss Bread

We have been supplying Jasons and Justlife with the new Swiss Bread for a couple of weeks now. The bread is made up of six rolls put together to proof in a traditional German proofing basket. Just before baking each roll is cut on the top edge and baked with steam. The bread is made from Organic Wheat Flour, Yeast, Organic Levit, Rock Salt and Water and just a dash of Organic Olive Oil.

The rolls can be broken apart and eaten with a nice piece of cheese or whatever takes your fancy. They make a nice roll for the school or office lunch as the bread is quite soft and fluffy, but full of taste. Enjoy

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Mashed Potato

To my shame I broke down and tried a fast food outlet I have not visited before. It was truly awful. When will I learn?

Growing up in England, one of our staples was and I believe continues to be “Mashed Potatoes”. It bears no resemblance to what is served in Malaysia as Mashed Potato. That is a pity as it is very easy to make and can be used as a base for many other dishes.

Boil potatoes till soft, add a knob of butter and a dash of milk and mash together. Add salt and pepper to taste. It should be slightly firm and not liquid as served here.

It can be served on its own, used as topping to cottage pie, or mixed with fish to make fish cakes, used to soften bread and so on……..

Next time we will work on coleslaw …………………………… :(


We have been making some Baked donuts recently and they have turned out well. May have some on Sunday if I have the time.

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Sunday August 10th

We shall re-open August 10th for Scones and Tea from 3PM till 6PM each Sunday.

We will have few new things and they include # types of Pizza baked in our Brick oven. They will be topped with tomato, fresh Basil and Buffalo Mozerella, Olive Oil. Additions include Anchovies, Capers ….. No meats will be served.

These Pizza are cooked from a sourdough pizza dough in about 90 seconds in our Brick Oven.

If you like your coffee in the original Italian style. We will be serving the famous Bezzerra coffee, made in our Bezzerra coffee machine. Bezzerra invented the coffee machine in 1901. They know a lot about coffee.

We shall also introduce our sourdough Focacia slices. Soft and tender slices of Focaccia, topped with Olive Oil, Tomato Puree, Potato, Nigella Sative, Oregano.

We also have some new loaves. Sourdough Chocolate Loaf and Italian Country Loaf made with Organic Wheat Flour and Organic Durum Semolina.

Mardia and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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Hari Raya

We would like to wish all our customers and friends Selamat Hari Raya.

We shall be re-opening the Cafe on August 10th at 3PM. In the meantime you can always call for scones or bread orders.

The Brick Oven is in full swing and most of our bread is baked in the Brick Oven. Mardia and I have been testing the oven to bake Pizza for our Iftar. Vegetarian Pizza will be available in the Cafe on Sundays, however we would appreciate if you could order prior to arriving.


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Yes, the Brick Oven is up and running again. I completed the conversion to gas yesterday and we tested it with a fantastic Pizza for our evening Iftar.

Some may say wood is better, but to be honest with you I see no difference except that gas is more convenient and fast er to get the oven up and ready for baking.

It is a lot cleaner because we get no ash and smoke.





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IMG_20140715_112052 IMG_20140715_112032Pics of bread from the Brickoven this morning. Foccacia with Beetroot and white cheese in the top picture.

Genzano from the Brick Oven waiting to go to Jasons this morning.

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Last Post before Hari Raya for Scones

To ensure that you receive your scones before the long Raya weekend/holiday we will make July 22nd the last posting date therefore you must make your order at the latest on the 21st July.

Insha Allah you will all have an enjoyable holiday meeting up with friends and family.

We are busy carrying out some modifications to our Brick Oven and hope to have them completed by the end of Ramadhan. Once completed we will be better placed to bake fresh Pizza for our visitors in the Brick Oven.

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