Our Menu


From 8:30am to 12:00pm

Sourdough Toasts - 14.00

4 pieces of toasted sourdough bread served with spread of your choice

Choices of spreads – choose one from below 

Kombu Butter 

Freshly made dark brown seaweed with salted butter

Garlic Confit

Spreadable soft & creamy roasted whole garlic with olive oil and rosemary

Classic Italian Dip

Extra virgin olive oil, Italian herbs, chilli flakes & grated parmesan cheese

Full breakfast - 29.00

Sourdough toast, chicken bratwurst, eggs of your choice, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes,  baked beans & garden salad

WBO Nasi lemak - 24.00

Steamed coconut flavoured rice with Sourdough Fried Chicken, WBO Sambal Ijo, peanuts, kangkung, cucumbers & hard boiled eggs  

Eggs on Croissant - 15.00

Scrambled eggs sandwiched between  croissant

EGGS on toasts - 18.00

Choices of eggs

Sunny-side Up | Omelette | Soft Boiled

Scrambled | Poached  


Starting from 11:30am

WBO Full breakfast - 29.00

Sourdough toast, sausages, eggs, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes,  chicken bratwurst, baked beans

Meatless breakfast (Meat free) - 32.00

Sourdough toast, Omnimeat “Meat”, chickpeas and avocado salad

WBO Lokal Breakfast - 19.00

Nasi lemak bungkus, sourdough Hainan toast, soft boiled eggs

WBO Nasi lemak - 24.00

Steamed coconut flavoured rice with Sourdough Fried Chicken, WBO Sambal Ijo, peanuts, kangkung, cucumbers & hard boiled eggs  


Pulled Beef – 38.00

Fisherman’s Catch- 36.00

Classic Grilled Cheese – 35.00


Vegemite, Chilled Avocado & Warm Poached Eggs – 24.00

Pesto Mushroom Medley – 26.00

Cream Cheese Mushrooms Medley – 26.00

Chickpeas & Chilled Avocado- 26.00


Cranberry Chicken Salad – 28.00

Kimchi Grilled Cheese – 26.00

Classic Grilled Cheese – 24.00


Gamberetto ‘Fettuccine’ Toscana – 42.00

Handmade with Double 00 Italian Flour with Sourdough, hand-kneaded an cut into flat, thick ribbon pasta cooked in cream sauce served with seafood

‘Tagliatelle’ alla crema Cozze – 39.00

Handmade with Double 00 Italian Flour with Sourdough, hand-kneaded and cut into long, flat, ribbon pasta cooked in Capers cream sauce served with blue mussels

Spaghetti Prawn Pesto – 34.00

Pasta tossed in Pesto accompanied with coconut sourdough prawns

Spaghetti Vegetarian Pesto – 26.00

Pasta tossed in Pesto accompanied with chargrilled veggies and sourdough onion rings

Spaghetti Meatballs Amatricana – 28.00

Pomodoro sauce served with choice of chicken or beef meatballs & baby spinach

Spaghetti Aglio e OliO with Clams – 28.00

Long, thin, solid cylindrical, strand pasta in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil & clams


Tuscan Chicken – 32.00

Pan fried chicken breasts strip in creamy Pomodoro tomatoes baby spinach served with sourdough toasts

Sourdough Fried Chicken – 28.00

Perfectly marinated with herbs, coated with sourdoug. Served on its own ( no rice / bread )

Chicken Schnitzel – 26.00

Deep-fried breadcrumbs crusted chicken served with sweet potato fries & gravy on the side

Cajun Chicken – 26.00

Pan-seared cajun marinated chicken chop served with sweet potato fries & gravy on the side


Assorted Sourdough Bread toasted & served with Kombu Butter – 19.00

French butter with seaweed

Crostini Neri  – 22.00

Italian style Chicken Liver pate spread over crostini

Gambas al Ajillo  – 28.00

Spicy Garlic Shrimps served with sourdough bread

NZ Green Mussels in Creamy Garlic Sauce – 29.00

Served with sourdough bread

Sourdough Cheese Crackers (150g) – 18.00

Crunchy and addictive crackers

Pani Puri – 25.00

Fried puff pastry balls filled with guacamole & tobiko

Smoked Salmon Dip – 29.00

Served with sourdough crackers

Deep Fried Cauliflower – 19.00

Parmesan cheese coated


Specialty teas

Strawberry “Champagne” White Tea – 15.00

Delicate white tea lovingly blended with luxuriant strawberries, sweet orange blossom and beautifully fragrant elderflower

Blueberry Blues – 15.00

Dynamic blend of vibrant blueberries and elderberries, festooned with cornflowers and mallow flowers

Matcha Ceremonial – 15.00

This Japanese ceremonial grade matcha powder has a smooth & umami taste and packed full of antioxidants and nutrients


Chai – 12.00

Indian assam black tea, carefully hand-blended with warm, exotic spices.

Earl Grey – 12.00

This traditionally blends of refined Ceylon black tea with bright bergamot, lime leaves and elegant sunflower petals

English Breakfast – 12.00

This English Breakfast blend of smooth, robust Assam and energetic Sri Lankan Uva.

Chamomile – 12.00

94% Chamomile, Lavender & Red Cornflowers (Caffeine Free)

tea latte

Show stopping Tea Latte that will sweep you off your feet and keeps your phone camera and your IG busy

The Pink Flamingo – 19.00

Beetroot & Orange

The Guru – 19.00

Butterscotch & Tumeric

The Hippie – 19.00

Apple & Lavender

The Voyager – 19.00

Mint & Blue Pea Flower

Tea Latte Tasting Platter (3 flavours) – 29.00

tea sodas

Bubbly Strawberry Champagne White Tea – 18.00

Bubbly Blueberry Blues – 18.00

Earl Grey Soda – 16.00


Coke – 6.50

Sprite – 6.50

100 Plus – 6.50

Kimino Ume Sparkling Juice – 12.00

Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Juice – 12.00


Drinking Water – 0.00

(First one bottle per table and non-refillable)

Mineral Water 500ml – 6.00

Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml – 15.00

Sparkling Mineral Water 1000ml – 22.00

Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Juice – 12.00






Cafè Latte

12.00        14.00


12.00        14.00

Flat White

12.00       14.00

Cold Brew



Cafè Latte


Green Tea



Lowenbrau (Bottle) – 20.00

Hoegaarden – 20.00

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier (Bottle) – 28.00


Guinness Stout (Can) – 18.00

Tiger (Can) – 14.00

Carlsberg (Can) – 14.00


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