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Welcome to Whitebrickoven

A traditional Bakery milling its own flour.

Welcome to our bakery designed to serve all Malaysia using GDEX for delivery.

We have all been struggling with Covid – 19 for around a year and a half. We of course had to close our cafe to cope with this virus. It is unlikely it will re-open in the near future. We continue to supply our corporate and regular customers.

We had a demand from several people for our products. Many of them perhaps visited here when they came to KL.

To meet this need we tried Shopee but the delivery was so long for most of the deliveries they were arriving in an unfit condition. We of course refunded all those customers. This could not continue at the at the suggestion of a customer we tried GDEX. So far the results have been staggering. I of course cannot guarantee this will be the same for all customers wherever they may be. But, we are willing to give it a try.

To this end this site was born. These sites are really quite complicated. There are numerous switches that affect how it all works. At a rough guess, several thousand. I have done what I can and now it is up to you to test and report back.

If you order Cheesecake your order will turn in to “Collect from Bakery”. Sorry but we cannot ship that at the moment.

Keep in touch and let me know how you get on. Your orders will not be action-ed, nor will you be charged.

Thank you to all our fans, supporters and acquaintances.

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