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I was talking with a friend of ours the other day about Flours and yesterday she was messaging me about having a baker review our flours. We certainly do not have a problem with that.

My only concern is that our flours are Organic. There is a difference between Organic flours and Supermarket flours.

Supermarket and flour supplied to bread manufacturers are made to precise formulae. They need to ensure that the product performs as expected each and every time.

To do this they blend several flours to achieve the parameters they are looking for. Often enzymes are added. This flour is milled in roller mills where the heat generated destroys most of the natural vitamins and so they are added back in. That is why you often see “With added vitamins……” They replaced what was destroyed.

Organic flour on the other hand is normally stone milled which does not generate as much heat and the flour retains its natural vitamins. In addition the wheat germ is crushed into the flour and no enzymes or other additive are added. The stone milled flour maybe sifted to remove the bran and semolinas to produce White flour or left as Wholegrain. Wholegrain is the result of milling the entire grain. Whichever you use this flour is not blended to achieve certain parameters. This flour will vary from crop to crop and from season to season. Of course if the Mill obtains its wheat from various sources this will also produce a change.

You may ask “Does this matter?” To the baker it does because each time the baker uses a different batch there is a likelihood they will have to adjust their formula for their bread.

This happens to us all the time and we are used to it. It may however catch the ‘Homebaker” unaware. I often suggest that you perfect your recipe with Supermarket flour and when you are happy with its feel and appearance you can try with Organic flour.

Vanessa Kimble of the Sourdough School in the UK goes further. She says, and I agree with her. Fields of wheat have other crops growing among them. For example Buttercups, wild Garlic, Dandelions and various herbs and flowers. When the wheat was harvested in the old traditional fields these would have been picked up with the wheat and some eventually milled into the flour.

Today the wheat is pre-cleaned and these guest plants are removed.

This produces a single source flour rather than the traditional¬† multiple source flour that would have provided nutrients from multiple sources and was known as the “Staff of Life”.

We have made this flour here at the Whitebrickoven using one of Vanessa’s recipes that adds 14 types of flower, herbs and spices to our Stone MIlled flour. It was delicious.

Bread is an important food source and it should be as nutritious as possible.

I have to say there was not much of a demand from Malaysians for this “Diverse Flour” so I have put it on a back burner. However you can certainly try it at home.

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Price Increase

We have had to Increase Bread Price

We have had to increase the price of our Sourdough Bread. We have maintained the prices for many years. We use Organic Ingredients including Grains which we mill here in our stone mill. We do this to ensure that you get maximum nutrition from the wheat. With our wheat and rye flour you get the whole grain. nothing taken out. That is not the same as Wholewheat flour you get in the market place. They have remove the nutritious wheat germ as it goes rancid during shipping and storage.

Dear customer I do hope you will understand that without this increase we would have to stop production of these nutritious loaves.