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WBO @ Rivertree Uno

Serving you the best European comfort food 

WBO is a modern Bistro that serves European comfort food. What exactly is comfort food? It is food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being that is enjoyable to eat as it holds a nostalgic value to one

Self-grown Sourdough

Most of our bread products or even dishes are crafted using  our self-grown sourdough which doesn’t only enhance the flour of the food but also have various health benefits such as keeping you feel fuller for a longer period of time and improving digestion thanks to the natural yeasts in sourdough that feeds our good gut bacteria. Sourdough is also rich in Vitamin B, Omega-3, and fatty acids 

Available for Events

The mezzanine floor is perfect for hosting events, private dinners, weekend workshops or small private meetings

Minimalist Atmosphere

The Ground floor serves as a Casual dining for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, where as the Mezzanine Floor has a more relaxing and lounging ambience, perfect for wine lovers to enjoy a glass of wine and a quiet conversation without being hassled by noises


Signature Menu

Enjoy our Wood Fired Sourdough Bread, baked fresh daily, with a hint of sourness, smoky and earthy taste. Baked directly in the wood chamber with direct heat from the fire giving the crust a slightly darker appearance and a crispier texture.  

You can take home your favourite Sourdough Bread with any accompaniment such as our irresistible ultra tender Garlic Confit, silky smooth Kombu Butter and aromatic  Italian Herbs Dip


We do not accept any reservation at the moment.

Telephone Reservations
Our Signatures


Our signatures include handmade fresh Sourdough Pasta, Sourdough Fried Chicken, Cob Loaf Dips, Nasi Lemak &       Kimchi Grilled Cheese.

Sourdough pasta - 15.00

Lemon / Garlic / Beans

Sourdough fried chicken - 21.50

Bacon / Shrimp / Garlic

Cob loaf dips - 18.50

Lamb / Wine / Butter

Nasi lemak - 20.00

Oysters / Veggie / Ginger

Kimchi Grilled Cheese - 20.00

Oysters / Veggie / Ginger

Bacon-wrapped Shrimp with Garlic - 21.50

Bacon / Shrimp / Garlic