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Mardia and Mustaffa, Artisan Bakers

Whitebrickoven Cafe is Closed

We had to close the Cafe at the outbreak of Covid. During the intervening years our young helpers have gone on to become young adults studying for their careers ahead of them. I, on the other hand have grown older and due to the enforced isolation have moved on to other interests. The 'Cafe' area is now a Chicken Coop.

Throughout Covid we continued baking bread and pastries, which were delivered to customers and some collected them. With the relaxing of the Covid restrictions we have decided not to re-open the Cafe but we are continuing to bake products which are available through this website shop. You can have items for collection, delivery by GDEX throughout the country or Delivery by car within Klang Valley. At your choice you can also send Lalamove or Grab to collect for you.

You are welcome to visit us but please do not be disappointed if we do not have much available. We normally have Scones and Kaasstengel but other items will depend on availability. Please order online to avoid disappointment!

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Planning your future Business?

We are always happy to discuss our experience with you. However please bear in mind we are not very conventional. We do not talk about "profit". Our profit is from the joy on our customer's faces and their satisfaction. Our customers comments are scattered all over the internet for anyone to see.

Innovative Baking!

Be prepared for the next 'must have' product by extending your Baking and Cooking Skills.

Baking Workout

Have you done your Baking workout for the day?

Practice your baking with baking projects from around the world. See our Resources.

Our Bakery

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Our Bakery is located in rural Kampong Kubu Gajah.

Our Production and Delivery days are:

Thursday Delivery - Order before 16:00 Tuesday

Sunday Delivery - Order before 16:00 Friday

All collections/Deliveries after 3pm - 4PM

Mardia and Mustaffa live here with their menagerie of cats, chickens, squirrels, birds and other flora & fauna. For over 20 years this has been our home and workplace.

We have been baking with Organic Flours for around 15 years and use a sourdough to leaven our bread. We supply a leading Organic Store with Sourdough Bread. Our customers come from all over the region.



These are a Dutch/Indonesian biscuit that melts in the mouth and has a cheese flavour. They are sugar free. Mardia and I came across these when we visited Batam Island from Singapore.

Melt in the mouth!

Organic flour.

Organic Flours: Why we love them!

We used to bake with non-organic flour. Eventually we discovered it had been causing the Baker rashes on his arms after coming into contact with the flour. At that time we were not aware of Organic Flour. We purchased a small hand driven flour mill and started to produce our own flour from Australian grains that we were able to find in Penang. One day we met @justlife (Malaysia's own Organic experts) and they pointed us towards Organic Flour suppliers and we started baking for them.

Organic Flour Suppliers


You want Bagels?

We make Bagels in an overnight process using Organic flour, Malt, Organic Sugar and Yeast. Before Baking they are Boiled in Malted liquid and then immersed in a tub of seeds. These make a delicious snack or meal when toasted and topped with sliced meats and cheeses.

Bagel Ideas