about us
about us

A little comfort food goes a long way ...


Our company is called White Brick Oven. We inherited the name from a bakery who closes their business during the pandemic. We are the new company that operates under this company name and our menu is much more sofisticated and unique. Our Sourdough are Wood-Fired, using a mixture of a decade old European and a much younger Malaysian cultured starter that give our products a hint of smokiness, eartiness and nuttiness and less tang which is more suitable for the local tastebuds .

The term "Cafe" is widely used locally. WBO @ RIVERTREE UNO is a Restaurant. So, what is the difference?

Here's the definition.. Cafe is a "small restaurant selling light meals & drinks and has a small kitchen that reheat food" 

Definition of RESTAURANT is a place that prepares, cook and serve food & drinks with full service to customers on the premises. Has a complete commercial kitchen facilities with qualified & trained expeperienced Chefs, Commis, Helpers thatpractices proper food handling & hygiene  

what we do ...

Apart from what we do best in our Restaurant, we are currently catering for an International School for healthy and balanced diet meals daily. 

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